Jos Meeussen en Zoon bvba has the right vehicles to be able to offer you the perfect service.

  • Crane truck with grab reach of up to 6 m for fast loading and unloading of pallets, bigbags and/or loose products. 
  • Disposal containers provided for short or longer periods. 
  • Large and small trucks with partitions so that we can transport different products together and unload them separately. 
  • Small vans to be able to unload in hard-to-reach places. 
  • Two trucks with walking floors: these can also load inside thanks to a moving floor. Also useful for limited heights. 
  • Various excavating machines for large and small jobs. The small crane has a width of 2100 mm. The large crane is 2650 mm wide. 
  • Garden Blower for quickly moving products to the right place.
  • Mobile chipper
  • Agricultural work

We can provide various hydraulic cranes for all groundwork, together with any additional equipment such as excavator buckets, rubble and trench buckets, laser equipment, etc. All work is carried out by experienced operators.

Our speciality: Mechanical spading of gardens and plots of land, installation of timbering, excavation and cleaning of ditches and ponds…

We will be happy to visit you to discuss a no-obligation price for all excavations and earthworks.