Garden blower



The Garden Blower blows all products through a hose to a location you select. Up to 200 metres away. Neatly distributed, even between plants, on awkward ground, banks, verges, on roof gardens up to six floors high, courtyards, back gardens, over walls, etc. Many times more than a wheelbarrow ever could...

Organic products such as compost, turf, topsoil and roof garden substrate, mexlight, etc. can be spread much faster and more efficiently with the Garden Blower. Up to 20 m³ an hour, depending on the type of substrate. We take care of your spadework. You save time and money, increase your working capacity and finish the job quicker.

In most cases our hose will reach exactly where you want the product: on fallow land, or between plants in a private garden...

Where applicable, a computer takes care of the exact measuring and dosing of potting compost, seeds, soil improvers, etc...

The substrates, consisting of mixtures of high-quality, sifted and matured composts with sand, are an ideal buffer for water and air, and provide the optimum conditions for seed germination. Thanks to the high activity of the soil life, organic trimmings are quickly broken down and made available as feed for the growth. As a result, unsightly matting is largely avoided on stretches of grass.

This approach is also ideal for sowing banks, verges and dykes. Due to the steepness of the inclines and the inaccessibility of the projects, labour-intensive and lower-quality alternatives often have to be sought. With the Garden Blower, everywhere is within reach. Even in bad weather. No need for heavy machines.

Advantages of the Garden Blower

  • De Garden Blower are cost-effective: quicker application of organic products and substrates.
  • More capacity: the speed of the operation gives you more time to concentrate on less labour-intensive activities.
  • Not weather-dependent: you can work faster and more efficiently even in bad weather. Even working on a wet surface is easily possible!